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Andrew Wellington appointed Chairman

Andrew Wellington is the new Brisbane Lions Chairman.

6:10pm  Dec 13, 2017

The Roar Deal: Christmas Special

Cam Rayner and Toby Wooller join The Roar Deal podcast to chat QLD weather, moving up and training.

4:30pm  Dec 13, 2017

AFLW: Out of bounds rule

The AFLW 2018 season will see the introduction of a free kick paid for ball going out of bounds in play.

3:35pm  Dec 13, 2017

Springfield Update

The Labor Party won November's state election last Friday, but is yet to publicly support the $15 million funding request made by the Lions.

11:10am  Dec 13, 2017

New recruits reflect

The Lions' eight new recruits reflect on their first couple of weeks at the Club.

3:31pm  Dec 12, 2017

Press Conferences

Rayner: It's been a whirlwind

Number 1 Draft pick Cam Rayner is in Brisbane and spoke to the media today at The Gabba.

November 29, 2017  11:14 AM

More Press Conferences

Rayner: It's been a whirlwind

11:14am Nov 29, 2017

Lions welcome Oaks

4:46pm Nov 1, 2017

Hodge speaks as a Lion

2:30pm Nov 1, 2017

AFLW: Meet the Draftees

12:24pm Oct 19, 2017

Zorko is All Australian

4:44pm Aug 31, 2017

Post Match: Chris Fagan

6:10pm Aug 26, 2017

Grown as a team and a club

11:02am Aug 25, 2017

Strong finish is crucial

10:46am Aug 22, 2017

Post-match: Chris Fagan

5:07pm Aug 20, 2017

Zorko: Energy is high

4:59pm Aug 14, 2017

Fagan: Robertson on the up

11:22am Aug 11, 2017

Post-match: Chris Fagan

8:35pm Aug 5, 2017

Press Conference: Daniel Rich

9:21am Aug 2, 2017

Post-match: Chris Fagan

8:08pm Jul 30, 2017

Resting makes sense

2:46pm Jul 28, 2017

Lester: Inspiring each other

2:25pm Jul 24, 2017