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Lions in the Community

Lions in YOUR club is an initiative the Brisbane Lions have undertaken to create a relationship and provide additional support to all 70 junior clubs in their Academy Zones across Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay and Darling Downs. All junior clubs that are a part of the program receive multiple different opportunities to receive support from the Brisbane Lions depending on the region they are in.
The Hyundai Lions Academy have developed the Summer Training Program and the Talent ID Training Camps to assist youth footballers in their Academy Zones to further develop their AFL skills and also provide an additional opportunities to make the Lions Academy. If you have what it takes to make the Lions Academy or would like to learn more about your football click here to find out more about the Hyundai Lions Academy Summer Training Program and Talent ID Training Camps.
If you love watching the Lions play and would like to give AFL a go. Click here to find out where your closest AFL club is. Doesn’t matter if you’ve never played before, AFL is the game for everyone!

For information regarding Autographed Items, Donations, Financial Assistance and Player Appearances visit our Community Requests page.