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Patrons: K.J. Cassells, W.J. Stephen
President: Norm Brown
Vice President: John Benison
Secretary: Rob Allen
Treasurer: John Benison
Committee: Lionel Allemand, Ken Woolley


Every Fitzroy and now Brisbane Bears and Lions player (whether they played in the firsts, seconds or thirds), official, trainer, medico or committeeman who officiated in any game or assisted in any capacity, automatically qualifies as a member of the Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Past Players & Officials Association, the minute they stop playing or officiating.

We welcome all-comers, who at some stage of their lives were part of either Fitzroy, the Brisbane Bears, or Brisbane Lions, and are interested in keeping in contact with players from their own playing period.

Like any club or association, we rely heavily on membership, and the return of annual subscriptions to assist us to meet our yearly operating costs, and provide a range of benefits for those who sign-up each year.

So if you know the whereabouts of ex-players or officials, then please contact Robert Allen on the details below so we can make contact with them, and hopefully get them along to one of our social functions and reunite them with some old acquaintances.

Rob Allen (Secretary)
P: 0408 612 271

2018 Past Player Events

Sunday 10 Junel 2018
12pm - 5pm
Royal Derby Hotel, Fitzroy
Flyer / Booking Form

Past Player Articles

New faces

There have been ten new faces at the Brisbane Lions' pre-season training this week.

5:00pm  Dec 13, 2018

Sir Doug Nicholls

On the 112th anniversary of Sir Doug Nicholls' birth, the AFL commit to naming indigenous round.

5:27pm  Dec 9, 2018

Congrats, Browny!

Lions legend Jonathan Brown has been inducted into the Queensland Sports Hall of Fame.

5:15pm  Nov 29, 2018

History of brothers

The Lions will carry two sets of brothers on their playing list next year.

2:15pm  Nov 27, 2018

Draftees pick jumper numbers

Our new draftees have picked their jumper numbers for 2019!

9:35am  Nov 26, 2018

Vale Don Hart

The Past Players Association mourns the passing of Donald Hart

4:24pm  Feb 13, 2018