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Keays: Academy Wins Hearts & Minds

BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 26: Ben Keays of the Lions is seen during the Brisbane Lions official team photo day at The Gabba in Brisbane on February 26, 2016. (Photo by Justine Walker/AFL Media)
19-year-old Keays is one of eight listed Brisbane Lions players who made their AFL pathway via the Hyundai Help for Kids Lions Academy.

Young Lions midfielder Ben Keays has backed Queensland’s and New South Wales’ Academy Talent systems in the wake of plans for an AFL Review.

“I can’t overstate the importance (of the Academies) for the growth of the game,” Keays told Dom Fay and Mitch Robinson in this week’s ‘From the Players’ Lounge’ podcast.

19-year-old Keays is one of eight listed Brisbane Lions players who made their AFL pathway via the Hyundai Help for Kids Lions Academy.

The AFL is set to review the controversial Greater Western Sydney academy system which some clubs believe will bulletproof their list for the next decade.

AFL operations manager Mark Evans told the Herald Sun on Tuesday the league would monitor the situation in the wake of what scouts believe is a considerable spike in Riverina talent in NSW.

“The rules were established with the support of the clubs after reviewing the historical data,” Evans said.

“NSW and Queensland had not traditionally provided a lot of talented players. And even the southern part of New South Wales, the Riverina area, was historically a low talent yield.

“If we now get to a position where we are starting to produce more talent from New South Wales and Queensland then that is a good thing. It’s a good problem to have.”

Keays echoed Evans, praising the importance of the Academy to his own and other teammates’ development.

“What the academy does is it wins the minds and the hearts of the kids.

“Playing under the Lions’ banner is important, that’s what makes kids want to come over. But not only that, it’s the development of kids.

“Queensland hasn’t obviously produced anywhere near as many footballers as other states in the past and neither has NSW. There is more interest in the AFL and that’s what we need up here, we are battling with other codes.

“Obviously down south it just dominates but that’s not what it’s like up here.”

“I think the Academies fast track the development of kids like Harris Andrews, and Liam Dawson and even myself.

“They’re that vital for the talent pool to grow and just for the game to get better. Better footballers means it’s a better sport and means more people watching.

“I thought when it came in it was a great concept and it definitely needs to stay.”

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