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It's great, but never again

October 7, 2016 11:27 AM

Brisbane Lions List Manager Peter Schwab says that it was great that the Club received the Priority Pick, but said the Club never wanted to be in this position again.

“It’s great that we got one (a priority pick), but as I’ve said we don’t want to be in this position again - we don’t want to be asking for a priority pick because it means that we’re travelling poorly,” Schwab said on SEN’s Breakfast show this morning.

“Let’s hope the Brisbane Lions never have to do it again.”

Schwab also said that the Club was happy with the position of the Priority pick, which is just after Round one (currently pick 19).

“We’re happy that it sits where it sits, we feel we can use it,” Schwab said.

Schwab also explained the process and argument which was made in order for the Club to be awarded the Priority Pick.

“The Club went through the history of how the Priority has been given before and we just looked at our own performances over the past two years in particular,” said Schwab.

“We made a pretty compelling case that our performances were well below standard.

“We felt we had a right to put in a claim for some special assistance."