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Plea from Norm Brown

November 30, 2016 10:17 AM

The future of your Association is looking very grim indeed.

Please see below an important message from Norm Brown, President of the Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Past Players & Officials Association 

I write this letter to all Fitzroy and Brisbane past players and past officials.

Your Association desperately needs your help.

What your Association needs is for a group of  'YOUNGER' past players and past officials, who have perhaps kept in contact and maintained friendships, to come forward and become your association's new leaders.

Your Association's present committee and office bearers are ageing and with the ageing process comes issues of deteriorating health.

In point of fact, the youngest committee member is 70.  The rest are late 70's and 80+.

If our Association is to continue successfully, it urgently needs a new group to become its new leaders.

By seeking a group, would surely take advantage of people's past and present friendships and contacts.

Hence my plea for a new leadership group for the Fitzroy-Brisbane Lions Past Players and Officials Association.

There must surely be a group who continue to see each other and keep in contact on a regular basis who are willing to come forward.

The need for the influx of such a group is very urgent indeed.

I'm sure, that no one would want to see the demise and eventual loss of our Association.

The reality is, given the age and health of the present committee the future of your Association is looking very grim indeed.

Every assistance and support is offered and is available to effect a smooth and successful transition and handover.

Please do not hesitate to contact Norm Brown or Ivan Smith if you can help.

Best Wishes to everyone

Norm Brown (President) - 0418 387 354

Ivan Smith (Secretary) - 03 9808 6138