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Your club's mid-year player awards  June 15, 2017 1:24 PM

Best and fairest
1. Rory Sloane
2. Rory Laird
3. Sam Jacobs
4. Eddie Betts
5. Jake Lever

Best 21 and under Jake Lever

Recruit of the year N/A

Most improved Charlie Cameron

Most courageous Rory Sloane

Best team player Jake Lever

Goal of the year Eddie Betts, round nine v Brisbane Lions. The champion small forward is in the running for the goal of the year title for a third-straight season after producing a genuine contender against the Lions. Betts competed for the ball with Darcy Gardiner, but kept his balance through heavy traffic. Betts then showed unbelievable skill to throw the ball on to his left boot and dribble it along the ground through the big sticks from an acute angle.

Mark of the year Charlie Cameron, round nine v Brisbane Lions. Giving up a huge height advantage didn't stop Cameron from flying high over Lions key defender Harris Andrews to take this impressive grab. Cameron has made a habit of producing exciting plays this season with his running bounces through the middle of the ground, down the wing and taking the game on. Cameron was also nominated for mark of the year for a grab against Greater Western Sydney in round one.

Game Milestones Round 1, Sam Jacobs played (150th game); Round 9, Rory Sloane (150th game), Luke Brown (100th game); Round 11, Josh Jenkins (100th game); Round 18, Tom Lynch (set to play 100th game); Round 22, Taylor Walker (set to play 150th game), Andy Otten (set to play 100th game). - Lee Gaskin

Rory Sloane has had some troubles but is still enjoying a great season. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 

1. Dayne Zorko
2. Dayne Beams
3. Tom Rockliff
4. Stefan Martin
5. Harris Andrews

Best 21 and under Harris Andrews

Recruit of the year Jake Barrett

Most improved Nick Robertson

Most courageous Darcy Gardiner

Best team player Nick Robertson

Goal of the year Eric Hipwood, round 10 v Collingwood. After picking up a handpass off his bootlaces, Hipwood beat two Magpies defenders and swung on to his left boot to kick truly from 50m.

Mark of the year Dayne Zorko, round four v Richmond. He's a little man, but Zorko rode high on the shoulder of Dion Prestia to pull down a screamer at the Gabba.

Game Milestones Round 7, Daniel Rich (150 games); Round 14, Ryan Bastinac (set to play 150 games); Round 19, Tom Rockliff (set to play 150 games); Round 21, Ryan Lester (set to play 100 games). - Michael Whiting


Best and fairest

1. Marc Murphy
2. Sam Docherty
3. Patrick Cripps
4. Matthew Kreuzer
5. Bryce Gibbs

Best 21 and under Caleb Marchbank

Recruit of the year Caleb Marchbank

Most improved Levi Casboult

Most courageous Kade Simpson

Best team player Matthew Kreuzer

Goal of the year Marc Murphy, round three v Essendon, MCG. Remarkable banana goal on the run with a wet ball during the third quarter, giving his team a handy lead.

Mark of the year Dale Thomas, round two v Melbourne, MCG. Took a hanger over Demon Jayden Hunt just before half-time.

Game milestones Round 12, Matthew Kreuzer (150th game) - Howard Kotton

Caleb Marchbank looks like locking down a key defensive post for some time. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 

1. Scott Pendlebury
2. Jeremy Howe
3. Taylor Adams
4. Adam Treloar
5. Brodie Grundy

Best 21 and under Tom Phillips

Recruit of the year Will Hoskin-Elliott

Most improved Tom Phillips

Most courageous Tyson Goldsack

Best team player Tyson Goldsack

Goal of the year Steele Sidebottom, round eight v Greater Western Sydney. A deliberate, Daicos-like dribbler from the boundary line.

Mark of the year Jeremy Howe, round 12 v Melbourne. Perhaps the frequent flyer's greatest mark – high above Demon Tom McDonald.

Game milestones Round 14, Daniel Wells (250th game – if available), Jarryd Blair (150th game – if selected); Round 15, Scott Pendlebury (250th game); Round 21, Alex Fasolo (100th game); preliminary final, Taylor Adams (100th game). - Ben Collins

Best and fairest 

1. Zach Merrett
2. Michael Hurley
3. Joe Daniher
4. Brendon Goddard
5. Dyson Heppell

Best 21 and under Darcy Parish

Recruit of the year Andrew McGrath

Most improved Orazio Fantasia

Most courageous Michael Hurley

Best team player Cale Hooker

Goal of the year Joe Daniher, round five against Collingwood at the MCG. With the Magpies having all the momentum, Daniher gathered the ball in the centre square and sent it long. The 70-metre bomb bounced through for a goal as one of three majors Daniher slotted on the way to a best-afield effort.

Mark of the year Joe Daniher, round six against Melbourne at Etihad Stadium. Daniher had an inaccurate afternoon against the Demons, but he still managed to take a big grab among a pack of flyers. He landed the week's mark of the year nomination.

Game Milestones Round 2, Brent Stanton (250 games); Round 3, David Zaharakis (150 games); Round 8, James Kelly (300 games); Round 11, Brendon Goddard (300 games); Round 18, Cale Hooker (set to play 150 games); Round 19, Mark Baguley (set to play 100 games); Round 22, Josh Green (set to play 100 games), David Myers (set to play 100 games). - Callum Twomey 

A season roaming the world has done wonders for Michael Hurley's game. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 

1. Lachie Neale
2. Bradley Hill
3. Nat Fyfe
4. Aaron Sandilands
5. Michael Walters

Best 21 and under Connor Blakely

Recruit of the year Bradley Hill

Most improved Connor Blakely

Most courageous Nat Fyfe

Best team player Lachie Neale

Goal of the year Bradley Hill, round 11, Collingwood. Ran onto David Mundy's handpass at half-forward, took two bounces, baulked Scott Pendlebury and dribbled through a team-lifter.

Mark of the year Nat Fyfe, round 4, Melbourne. Bravely went back with the flight of a high ball, took the hit from an opponent and juggled a chest mark.

Game Milestones Round 2, Danyle Pearce (250 games); Round 5, Bradley Hill (100 games); Round 6, Aaron Sandilands (250 games), Michael Walters (100 games); Round 8, Lachie Neale (100 games); Round 17, Nick Suban (set to play150th game); Round 18, Jonathon Griffin (set to play 100th game), Cameron Sutcliffe (set to play 100th game); Round 22, Hayden Ballantyne (set to play 150th game). - Travis King

Best and fairest

1. Joel Selwood
2. Patrick Dangerfield
3. Zach Tuohy
4. Mitch Duncan
5. Tom Hawkins

Best 21 and under Nakia Cockatoo

Recruit of the year Zach Tuohy

Most improved Mitch Duncan

Most courageous Joel Selwood

Best team player Harry Taylor

Goal of the year Nakia Cockatoo, round one versus Fremantle. Won the ball after a contest on the wing, out-ran Cam Sutcliffe, Lee Spurr and Michael Johnson with three bounces before slotting a cheeky checkside goal.

Mark of the year Joel Selwood, round 10 versus Port Adelaide. Planted his knees in the back of Karl Amon for a rare hanger in the fourth quarter.

Game Milestones Round 10, Mark Blicavs (100 games); Round 11, Tom Hawkins (200 games); Round 16, Mitch Duncan (set to play 150 games), Tom Lonergan (set to play 200 games), Zac Smith (set to play 100 games); Round 17, Lachie Henderson (set to play 150 games); Round 19, Scott Selwood (set to play 150 games); Round 21, Rhys Stanley (set to play 100 games); Round 23, Patrick Dangerfield (set to play 200 games). - Jennifer Phelan 

The Cats made a canny decision to pick up Zach Tuohy. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 

1. Gary Ablett
2. Jarrod Harbrow
3. Jarrod Witts
4. Tom Lynch
5. Michael Barlow

Best 21 and under Touk Miller

Recruit of the year Jarrod Witts

Most improved Jack Leslie

Most courageous Sean Lemmens

Best team player Jarrod Harbrow

Goal of the year Peter Wright, round 11 v West Coast. It wasn't the most spectacular, but Wright's 45m set shot inside the final two minutes gave the Suns victory and kept their season alive.

Mark of the year Gary Ablett, round 6 v North Melbourne. The little champ doesn't fly often but he found some springs when jumping over Lachie Hansen at Etihad Stadium.

Game Milestones Round 12, Brandon Matera (100 games); Round 14, Gary Ablett (set to play 300 games); Round 15, Steven May (set to play 100 games); Round 20, Matt Rosa (set to play 200 games); Round 21, Jarrod Harbrow (set to play 200 games); Round 23, Aaron Hall (set to play 100 games). – Michael Whiting

Best and fairest

1. Josh Kelly
2. Dylan Shiel
3. Jeremy Cameron
4. Callan Ward
5. Phil Davis

Best 21 and under Tim Taranto

Recruit of the year With Brett Deledio sidelined through injury all year and Tendai Mzungu and Matt De Boer playing limited games, No.2 draft pick Tim Taranto is clearly the best new face in Giants colours this year.

Most improved Nathan Wilson

Most courageous Callan Ward

Best team player Shane Mumford

Goal of the year Toby Greene, round 10, West Coast. The All Australian stepped up in a thrilling final term with some brilliance on the run from the boundary to help his side to a stirring win in Perth.

Mark of the year Toby Greene, round one, Adelaide. It was a tough day for GWS but Greene's pack mark in the opening term was a cracker.

Game milestones Round two,Toby Greene (100 games); Round three, Phil Davis (100 games); Round seven, Jeremy Cameron (100 games), Devon Smith (100 games); Round 14, Heath Shaw (250 games); Round 14, Dylan Shiel (100 games); Round 21, Matt de Boer (150 games). - Adam Curley

Best and fairest 

1. Tom Mitchell
2. Ryan Burton
3. Ben McEvoy
4. Shaun Burgoyne
5. Luke Hodge

Best 21 and under Ryan Burton

Recruit of the year Tom Mitchell

Most improved Tim O’Brien

Most courageous Liam Shiels

Best team player Ben McEvoy

Goal of the year Shaun Burgoyne, round 10 v Sydney. A running goal from the boundary line was a highlight in a sensational performance from the veteran.

Mark of the year Paul Puopolo, round two v Adelaide. ‘Poppy’ leapt high and then got the ride over Jake Kelly with what would have gone close to mark of the year if not for Jeremy Howe.

Game Milestones Round 15, Isaac Smith (set to play 150 games); Round 17, Luke Hodge (set to play 300 games); Round 18, Alastair Clarkson (set to coach 300 games and pass John Kennedy as Hawthorn’s longest-serving coach); Round 20, Jarryd Roughead (set to play 250 games), Grant Birchall (set to play 250 games). - Ashley Browne

No-one could blame Tom Mitchell for the Hawks poor form. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest

1. Clayton Oliver
2. Nathan Jones
3. Jeff Garlett
4. Michael Hibberd
5. Jayden Hunt

Best 21 and under Clayton Oliver/Christian Petracca

Recruit of the year Michael Hibberd

Most improved Clayton Oliver

Most courageous Jack Viney

Best team player Neville Jetta

Goal of the year Clayton Oliver, round eight, Adelaide. A banana bender from the pocket (Eddie's pocket no less) that will be tough to beat.

Mark of the year Mitch Hannan, round 10, Gold Coast. The young forward sprung off the back of Suns ruckman Jarrod Witts to claim the round 10 mark of the year nomination.

Game milestones Round four, Jeff Garlett (150 games); Round six, Neville Jetta (100 games); Round eight, Bernie Vince (Adelaide, 200 games); Round 14, Jack Watts (set to play 150th game); Round 21, Michael Hibberd (set to play 100th game); Round 22, Tomas Bugg, (set to play 100th game). - Ben Guthrie

Clayton Oliver has been a revelation in only his second season. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest

1. Robbie Tarrant
2. Ben Cunnington
3. Ben Brown
4. Shaun Higgins
5. Jack Ziebell 

Best 21 and under Kayne Turner

Recruit of the year Marley Williams

Most improved Kayne Turner

Most courageous Jack Ziebell

Best team player Scott Thompson

Goal of the year Ben Brown, round six v Gold Coast. The actual finish was a simple one from the goalsquare, but the build-up started in the defensive 50 with Nathan Hrovat and involved seven handballs, three Shaun Atley bounces and eight North players.

Mark of the year Taylor Garner, round five v against Fremantle. The young Roo elevated onto the shoulders of Docker Garrick Ibbotson and teammate Kayne Turner with his knees to safely clutch a far-from-regulation chest mark.

Game Milestones Round three, Jack Ziebell (150th game); Round four, Lindsay Thomas (200th game); Round six, Ben Cunnington (150th game); Round 13, Lachie Hansen (set to play 150th game); Round 17, Robbie Tarrant (set to play 100th game); Round 23, Scott Thompson (set to play 200th game). - Marc McGowan

Best and fairest
1. Brad Ebert
2. Ollie Wines
3. Paddy Ryder
4. Robbie Gray
5. Charlie Dixon

Best 21 and under Darcy Byrne-Jones

Recruit of the year N/A

Most improved Brad Ebert

Most courageous Brad Ebert

Best team player Jackson Trengove

Goal of the year Justin Westhoff (round eight v Gold Coast). Westhoff produced something special for the Power's historic game in China. Everyone in attendance at Jiangwan Stadium won't soon forget Westhoff's unbelievable effort from the pocket. With the ball bouncing towards the boundary line in the right forward pocket, Westhoff flung his right foot at the ball in mid-air. He somehow directed it towards the goals and through the big sticks. Lock it in as a finalist for goal of the year.

Mark of the year Jarman Impey (round 11 v Hawthorn). Running with the flight of the ball, Impey launched himself into the air with no thought of his own safety. He showed terrific courage to hang on to the mark in front of the Hawthorn defenders.

Game Milestones Round one, Travis Boak (200th game); Round four, Matthew Broadbent (150th game); Round five, Jasper Pittard (100th game); Round 11, Brad Ebert (200th game); Round 14, Patrick Ryder (set to play his 200th game); Round 17, Jackson Trengove (set to play his 150th game); Round 18, Charlie Dixon (set to play his 100th game); Round 19, Tom Jonas (set to play his 100th game). - Lee Gaskin

Brad Ebert is enjoying career-best form. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 
1. Dustin Martin
2. Alex Rance
3. Trent Cotchin
4. Toby Nankervis
5. Shaun Grigg

Best 21 and under Daniel Rioli

Recruit of the year Toby Nankervis

Most improved Dan Butler

Most courageous Trent Cotchin

Best team player Kane Lambert

Goal of the year Daniel Rioli, round three v West Coast. All of the small forward's traits were on display as he shook off two opponents on the boundary and combined with Dion Prestia with some quick handballs before threading the ball from deep in the pocket.

Mark of the year Ben Griffiths, round two v Collingwood. The tall forward's raw talent emerged with a soaring pack mark, leaping over and past three Magpies and getting a ride on Ben Reid's shoulders.

Game Milestones Round one, Bachar Houli (150th game); Round five, Josh Caddy (100th game), Dion Prestia (100th game); Round 19, Shane Edwards (set to play 200th game); Round 22, Dylan Grimes (set to play 100th game); Shaun Hampson (the injured ruckman needs two more games to reach the 100-game milestone). - Nathan Schmook

Best and fairest

1. Seb Ross
2. Dylan Roberton
3. Jack Steven
4. Jack Newnes
5. Jack Steele

Best 21 and under Jack Steele

Recruit of the year Jack Steele

Most improved Seb Ross

Most courageous Jack Steven

Best team player Sam Gilbert

Goal of the year Luke Dunstan, round five v Geelong. The tough left-footer faked a handball to move past Zac Smith and then sidestepped Aaron Black before kicking it across his body and slotting it from just inside the 50m arc.

Mark of the year Jake Carlisle, round six v Hawthorn. With a running start on the wing, Carlisle leapt over ruckmen Ben McEvoy and Billy Longer to take a pack mark.

Game Milestones Round nine, Jarryn Geary (150 games), Jack Newnes (100 games); Round 12, Mav Weller (100 games); Round 16, Jake Carlisle (set to play 100 games); Round 19, Jack Steven (set to play 150 games); Round 21, Nathan Brown (set to play 150 games); Round 22, Sam Gilbert (set to play 200 games). - Dinny Navaratnam

The Saints targetted Jack Steele for a reason and he's delivered. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest

1. Josh Kennedy
2. Jake Lloyd
3. Lance Franklin
4. Heath Grundy
5. Zak Jones

Best 21 and under Isaac Heeney

Recruit of the year The Swans were quiet during last year's trade period, as Tom Mitchell and Toby Nankervis departed the club. No.21 draft pick Will Hayward has shone this year as the best new player in red and white.

Most improved: Nic Newman

Most courageous Callum Mills

Best team player Luke Parker

Goal of the year Lance Franklin, round seven, Brisbane Lions. The superstar forward got the footy on centre wing and had a bounce before he thumped it home from about 70 metres out.

Mark of the year Callum Mills, round three, Collingwood. Last year's NAB AFL Rising Star winner showed enormous courage to back into oncoming traffic and pull in a screamer.

Game Milestones Round three, Lance Franklin (250 games); Round two, Sam Reid (100 games); Round nine, Dane Rampe (100 games); Round 18, Josh Kennedy (set to play 200th game). - Adam Curley

Best and fairest 
1. Elliot Yeo
2. Luke Shuey
3. Jeremy McGovern
4. Josh Kennedy
5. Andrew Gaff

Best 21 and under Dom Sheed

Recruit of the year Sam Mitchell

Most improved Elliot Yeo

Most courageous Jeremy McGovern

Best team player Luke Shuey

Goal of the year Mark LeCras, round 6 v Fremantle. Took possession from a stoppage and, running toward the boundary line, tumbled through a classy finish from 30m.

Mark of the year Josh Kennedy, round 4 v Sydney. With heavy traffic coming from all directions, Kennedy leapt sideways into a pack and hung onto a beauty.

Game Milestones Round 2, Jamie Cripps (100 games); Round 6, Jack Redden (150 games); Round 15, Josh Kennedy (200 games), Round 16, Elliot Yeo (100 games); Round 18, Luke Shuey (150 games); Round 19, Andrew Gaff (150 games), Lewis Jetta (150 games). - Travis King

Elliot Yeo continues to grow at the Eagles. Picture: AFL Photos

Best and fairest 

1. Luke Dahlhaus
2. Jack Macrae
3. Marcus Bontempelli
4. Easton Wood
5. Jason Johannisen

Best 21 and under Marcus Bontempelli

Recruit of the year Tim English

Most improved Bailey Dale

Most courageous Luke Dahlhaus

Best team player Easton Wood

Goal of the year Jake Stringer, round two, Sydney. The enigmatic forward bursts from a centre bounce at full speed and bangs home a goal from 55 metres.

Mark of the year Tom Boyd, round two, Sydney. The 2016 premiership hero got his new year off to a great start with a soaring pack mark.

Game Milestones Round 16, Mitch Wallis (set to play 100 games); 22, Matthew Boyd (set to play 300 games); All remaining home and away games plus one final, Jack Macrae (100 games); All remaining home and away games plus two finals, Liam Picken (200 games). - Ryan Davidson