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NEAFL Wrap: Achieving KPIs

NEAFL Wrap: Round 15 Head of Development, Scott Borlace, wraps up the Lions reserves win over the Aspley Hornets.

The Brisbane Lions NEAFL side made it seven straight wins on Saturday against the Aspley Hornets in a performance that delighted Head of Development Scott Borlace.  

“It was a really good team performance on the weekend, that was evidenced by the 14 individual goalkickers,” Borlace said.

“It was an even team contribution by everyone that played.”

The 117-point victory was the fourth big victory in a row for the Lions, with Borlace saying there are KPIs in place to ensure the team keeps pushing for the entire contest. 

“At times it is tricky but we have our KPIs we want to achieve each quarter," Borlace said.

"We try and keep it quarter by quarter, and even further back from that, contest by contest."

“On the weekend we were able to win contested ball by 49 against Aspley who are a really strong team, so we just kept challenging the team each quarter to win that contested ball.”

Josh Schache kicked five goals and had 17 touches against Aspley, and Borlace expects the young forward to be a strong chance of returning to the Senior side this week.  

“I think he will definitely be in consideration this week. We were really pleased with the energy and intensity that he played with on the weekend,” Borlace said. 

“The five goals were a result of the hard work he was doing off the ball.”

With our NEAFL team enjoying the bye this weekend, our fan question for the week wanted to know what their training schedule looked like. 


 “We are taking a group of first-year draftees down to Melbourne for the weekend,” Borlace said.

“It’s designed to be a football education – we go and watch three AFL games and give the boys a little assignment in each of those games. 

“The guys who aren’t on that trip will be back here training on Saturday and will do a reasonably solid session.”

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