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Dayne Beams reflects on brother Mark's impact on his life

Josie Fielding  July 27, 2017 5:16 PM

Beams on the National Inclusion Carnival Dayne Beams spoke to Fox Footy's 360 program live from 2017's National Inclusion Carnival on the Gold Coast.

Brisbane Lions Captain Dayne Beams spoke to Fox Footy 360 program about the positive influence his brother-in law Mark, who has down syndrome, has on his life.

Beams is a proud Queensland Disability Inclusion Ambassador and spoke to Fox Footy live from the 2017 National Inclusion Carnival, currently being held on the Gold Coast.

It’s the first time this carnival has been held in Queensland. Players with intellectual disabilities go head to head in the national competition.

The concept is close to home for Beams. His wife Kelly’s brother Mark has down syndrome and, like Beams, is obsessed with the game.

“He’s got a really close relationship with Kelly and I. I remember when I was living in Melbourne he used to play for the Ringwood Spiders. He really enjoyed his footy,” Beams said.

His relationship with Mark has had a huge impact on his life, after meeting him through his wife Kelly six years ago.

“I can be a grumpy man at times but whenever I felt like that, particularly when I was living in Melbourne, I would always go around there and he was someone who would always put a smile on my face,” Beams said.

Watching players like Mark, who have intellectual disabilities, take to the field is a proud moment for the Lions skipper.

“It’s great for these kids and also adults to be able to enjoy themselves. And like I said play our game because it’s a game for everyone,” he said.

Beams also reflected on how coming back to Queensland has been a coming of age moment for him. 

“I’ve made a fair few mistakes, particularly early on in my career. And I let a lot of people down. Most of all I let my family down in certain situations,” he said.

Marrying Kelly and welcoming their first child in September last year has been life changing, for the better.

“I think the biggest thing for me is I’ve just matured. I think you can’t really buy time… It sort of forces you to grow up a bit having a child, I’ll tell you that,” Beams said.

At 27 years old he is a Senior player amongst the youngest team in the AFL and strives to set a good example to the young men making their way through.

“I love watching the young group develop. It gives me the most pleasure. Because I know they’re going to take the club forward,” Beams said.