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Victoria Members’ Round 2017

As the footy season draws to a close, we want to show YOU, our Victorian members, appreciation for your commitment to the Club in 2017. 'Member when we created the biggest upset of the season against Essendon in Round 15? 'Member when Jarrod Berry kicked his first goal in Round 3 v St Kilda? 'Member when the Women’s team made it to the Grand Final despite all odds? You were there for all of these memories!

Without you, the unforgettable moments wouldn’t be possible; that’s why we’re dedicating Round 22 to our incredible members. To celebrate, we’ve organised activities and promotions across Match Day when the Brisbane Lions go up against Melbourne. A day you won’t want to miss!

Some of the great activities and promotions that eligible members can be a part of include:

  • Guernsey Presentation
  • Junior Mascot
  • Guard of Honour

We’re All for the Members

We appreciate all the wonderful support we have received throughout the season and we want you to sit back and enjoy YOUR round. So get to the match, join us at the game for more than just the footy and cheer on the boys for one last time in 2017!

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