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Why I'm playing on

It started with a couple of funny text messages.

‘Hey, the weather is good up here if you're keen for a kick,’ Chris Fagan messaged. It was about 10 degrees in Melbourne!

I laughed them off and when I finished my last game of the 2017 season - No.305 for Hawthorn - I had no intention of playing again.  

A few days later Fages raised the Brisbane possibility again. This time I decided to have a serious think about it. 

I used to think, ‘Look at Clarko, you’ve got to be crazy to be a coach’. But I had started to enjoy teaching and helping to develop the young players. That’s when Fages said, ‘You reckon you’ve got a little bit of football left?’

Playing with Brisbane is not about being best-on-ground or getting a heap of the ball, it is all about developing these kids to be the best players they can be as soon as possible.

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