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Gallery: INC Pre-Season Day 2

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The players run through what's in store for the session.

Players watch on during day two of INC pre-season training.

Dan McStay tests his jump.

Tom Cutler uses the row machine.

Lewy Taylor takes on the weights during training.

Ben Keays works on his deadlift.

Matt Eagles works on his deadlift while Archie Smith and Harris Andrews watch on.

Mitch Hinge completes one-legged lunges.

Dan McStay focuses during weights session.

Jake Barrett concentrates while performing one-legged lunges.

Lewy Taylor works on his strength.

Rhys Mathieson focuses during training.

Nick Robertson powers through some chest presses.

Darcy Gardiner works on building his strength.

Tom Cutler focuses on his form.

Jarrod Berry gets around the boys at the gym on his crutches.

Sam Skinner joined in on some rehab training.

First gym session of the 2018 INC pre-season done and dusted.

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