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INC pre-season high performance update

INC High performance update High performance manager Damien Austin gives us a quick update on how the Lions are traveling.

Brisbane Lions High Performance Manager Damien Austin has been pleased with the first few days of pre-season training. 

First to fourth year players started back on Monday and will have two weeks of training under their belts before the more senior members of the squad return on November 20.

"They’re in very good shape. They left in good shape, so they’re really keen to get back into football and training. They’ve really looked after themselves while they’ve been away,” Austin said on the players who have returned so far. 

“They’ve hit the ground running pretty quickly."


For now the focus will be on endurance and strength work, with skills gradually introduced into the fold. 

“The next little while, you get to review the players, what they’ve done, and re-evaluate what their goals are and see how we can help them improve,” Austin said. 

“There’s always an emphasis on endurance and getting them up and running."

Austin also provided clarification on Jarrod Berry's injury. 

“Berry finished the season with a bit of a foot complaint. We are being cautious by putting him in a boot for a few weeks to make sure we get him right," Austin said.

Mitch Robinson and Allen Christensen are on track to return to full training with the rest of the squad, while Sam Skinner had a good break and has come back mentally refreshed to begin the rehab process following an ACL tear. 

The Lions will again head to Tasmania in December for a training camp in the cooler climate, which is conducive to greater training intensity and effort according to Austin.  

“A lot of clubs come to Queensland to train in the heat but we’re doing it consistently," Austin said. 

“We find we get a bit more out of our players when it’s not heat exhaustion or humidity wearing them out. They can sustain their efforts for a bit longer."

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