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Sam Skinner running again

Josie Fielding  December 4, 2017 4:46 PM

Skinner's first run back Sam Skinner runs for the first time after his 3rd ACL injury.

Sam Skinner achieved a huge milestone in his recovery from a third ACL reconstruction at training this morning.

The 20-year-old ran for the first time since his knee surgery 13 weeks ago.

“Sam’s a big part of the Club so the boys are rapt that he’s back out on the field and starting to run again,” Rehabilitation Coach Selwyn Griffith said.

After months of no running, the sensation initially felt strange for Skinner but one step at a time he is gaining confidence.

“It feels pretty strong which is good,” Skinner said.

Under the care of Griffith, Skinner’s recovery has been focused on building his strength and power, with training sessions taking place in the pool or on the bike.

“He’s an amazing professional both on and off the field,” Griffith said.

“Sam’s ability to respond to the adversities he’s been dealt over the past three years is phenomenal.”

Skinner says the support of the coaches and teammates has helped him during this challenging time.

“I’m pretty lucky to have the group that we do. Everyone’s very supportive,” he said.

The pair will continue to slowly increase Skinner’s workload in the gym and running out on the field as he continues his recovery.