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New recruits reflect on first couple of weeks

Michael Gosman  December 12, 2017 3:31 PM

Recruits meet fans The new recruits to the Lions met fans at the Lions Shop and reflected on their first few weeks at the Club.

At yesterday's meet and greet at the Lions Shop, the Lions' eight new recruits reflected on the big lessons they've learnt during their first couple of weeks at the Club...

Cameron Rayner

"It's probably getting to the gym on time. Connor Ballenden was a little bit late today and he got a spray from Bryn (Strength and Conditioning Coach). That's the main lesson I've learnt in the first couple of weeks."

Connor Ballenden

"Drink a lot of water and eat a lot of food."

Luke Hodge

"New teammates. I've been used to the same blokes around me for the past 16 years."

Jack Payne

"Moving away from home and leaving family behind. I'm living with a great couple of blokes which I'm stoked to be a part of."

Zac Bailey 

"I got pulled up the other day - I slept in last Thursday and now all the boys rip into me at training about it."

Brandon Starcevich

"Bring a towel to every training session. The humidity gets you pretty bad over here and the sweat just sticks to you - showers after training are key." 

Toby Wooller

"Put sunscreen on otherwise you'll get burnt at training."

Charlie Cameron

"Adjusting to the heat and the running. There's a lot of running at the moment."