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Lions visit Mater Young Adult Health Centre

Mater Young Adults Centre Dayne Beams, Tom Culter, Ben Keays and Ryan Bastinac went to visit some of the patients at the Mater Young Adults Centre to have a chat and get to know them.

When Brisbane Lions players visit the Mater Young Adult Health Centre, they get just as much of a kick out of it as the patients themselves.

“They’re really quite energetic and quite happy,” Tom Cutler told

“It puts a smile on our face when you can see people going through some harder times than we do on a day to day basis.

“It puts things into perspective and you’re able to take a step back from football. The patients have been really happy and it’s not necessarily what you’d expect. But for them to be like that, it enables us to be happier and leave here with a bit more balance and a bit more perspective.”

Patients at the centre are young, usually between the age of 16-25 years old and have chronic illnesses including diabetes, cystic fibrosis and inflammatory bowel disease.

The centre is unique in providing tailored services for young people in Queensland, including access to specialist health clinics, emotional health support, and a state-wide service for people with substance use difficulties.

Lions Captain Dayne Beams, Ryan Bastinac, Ben Keays and Cutler visited the Centre. They shared life experiences, checked in with how the patients were going and of course, talked about footy.

Benjamin Johns, one of the 9,000 young people expected to visit the Centre each year, enjoyed their visit.

“It’s great that the Brisbane Lions come in, it perks you up a little bit,”

“It’s really nice to talk to them and it’s also easy because I absolutely love AFL and all the players.”

For Jordan Alock, another patient, it was nice knowing that the Lions players cared.

“They’ve got our backs. They kind of understand what we’re going through,” he said.

Cutler says visits to the Centre are important as the Club and players must remember the vulnerable people in our community.

“At our Club we want to build better men, not just better players.”

To support the Centre visit

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