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Pre-Season Photos

Gallery: Friday

All the photos from the last day of our INC Pre-Season Camp are here!

3:33pm  Dec 16, 2016

Gallery: Thursday

All the photos from our training session in the gym this morning.

1:54pm  Dec 15, 2016

Gallery: Wednesday

Check out all the photos from our INC Pre-Season Training Camp here.

5:08pm  Dec 14, 2016

Gallery: Monday

All the photos from our first day of main training on this year's INC Pre-season Camp.

4:11pm  Dec 12, 2016

Gallery: Tuesday

All the photos from today's session in the gym at our 2017 INC Pre-Season Camp.

2:58pm  Dec 13, 2016

Gallery: Week 3

Today marked Week 3 of our pre-season training with players 5+ years joining the younger group for the first time this pre-season.

5:08pm  Nov 21, 2016

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Pre-Season News

"It's pretty exciting times at Brisbane"

The Brisbane Lions' rebuild is likely to receive a boost this year with academy key forward Connor Ballenden emerging as one of the top tall prospects in the draft pool.

4:19pm  Jan 22, 2017


Kick off the 2017 Season and enjoy a night out with the Brisbane Lions!

1:48pm  Jan 20, 2017

Lions Media Survey

Let us know what you think of our coverage of the Brisbane Lions in a Lions Media survey here.

3:37pm  Jan 12, 2017

Archie v Stingray

We caught up with ruckman Archie Smith to see how his recovery post-stingray attack.

3:51pm  Jan 13, 2017

Gallery: Week 11

Another week of pre-season, another photo gallery - see how the boys are going!

9:05am  Jan 19, 2017

Rockliff, a pre-season standout

CHRIS Fagan has mounted a spirited defence of Tom Rockliff, saying the controversial midfielder had been a pre-season standout.

3:54pm  Jan 17, 2017

Playing on strengths and instinct

Jarrad Jansen has praised Lions Senior Coach Chris Fagan for the way that he has been able to drive a shift in culture at the Club.

6:03pm  Jan 16, 2017

Gallery: Pre-Season

The players returned to pre-season training following the Christmas break on Thursday 5 January and today marks the first of a full week.

5:16pm  Jan 9, 2017

Closey's optimism

After enduring a difficult past couple of seasons, Michael Close is optimistic about the year ahead.

5:56pm  Jan 9, 2017

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Pre-season videos

Catching up with Keays and Dawso

2:31pm  Jan 13, 2017

Pre-season update: Lions

5:29pm  Dec 29, 2016

Final day of camp

8:01pm  Dec 16, 2016

Cutts and Schache wrap Wednesday

7:01pm  Dec 14, 2016

The intensity is high

3:56pm  Dec 14, 2016

Lions working on game plan

2:17pm  Dec 13, 2016

Tassie training kicks off

4:14pm  Dec 12, 2016

Tassie Tour

6:48pm  Dec 10, 2016

Schache on new standards

3:07pm  Dec 7, 2016

What Keays is working on

1:58pm  Dec 7, 2016

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