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Pre-Season Photos

INC pre-season: Open training

Check out the photos from the Men's open training session.

1:12pm  Jan 18, 2018

INC pre-season: Back at training

Photos from the first day back on the training track for 2018.

12:30pm  Jan 11, 2018

INC pre-season: Friday's Training

Check out all the best photos from training last Friday.

11:10am  Jan 15, 2018

INC pre-season camp: Day 7

Photos from the final day of the team's pre-season camp in Launceston.

1:52pm  Dec 22, 2017

INC pre-season camp: Day 6

Photos from the final field session of the INC pre-season camp in Launceston.

3:17pm  Dec 21, 2017

INC pre-season Camp: Day 3

See all the photos from today's gym and skills sessions.

10:58am  Dec 18, 2017

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Pre-Season News

Bastinac is eager for AFLX

The Lions will play AFLX as part of pre-season preparation and Bastinac would like to be named in the team.

3:21pm  Jan 16, 2018

Teammate labels Rayner a star

Sam Mayes said Rayner's long-term commitment was an endorsement of the Clubs new culture.

2:43pm  Jan 12, 2018

Rich: Young guns want to stay

Daniel Rich admits it's nice to be talking about retentions rather than departures as 2018 begins.

3:13pm  Jan 12, 2018

Smith pushing for Seniors

Archie Smith speaks about his hopes for the season ahead.

4:55pm  Jan 11, 2018

Christensen itching to play

With his collarbone area back to full strength, Christensen is itching to play in 2018!

5:30pm  Jan 10, 2018

Positive first impressions for Rayner

Pre-season performance has Fagan pondering early debut for top pick

9:00pm  Dec 28, 2017

Skinner's escape during rehab

Sam Skinner spoke on SEN Breakfast about the role music has played in his recovery.

12:39pm  Jan 9, 2018

Fagan and Noble

Fagan and Noble discuss their past together and plans for the future.

3:00pm  Dec 22, 2017

Eagles hitting his straps

Brisbane Lions defender Matt Eagles is often perceived as the everyday bloke’s hero.

11:17am  Dec 22, 2017

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Pre-season videos

Men's open training

1:00pm  Jan 18, 2018

Basti keen for AFLX

1:25pm  Jan 16, 2018

Mayes on RSN

1:52pm  Jan 12, 2018

Easy decision for Hugh

12:51pm  Jan 12, 2018

Rich notices improvement

12:26pm  Jan 12, 2018

Archie pushing for seniors

11:21am  Jan 11, 2018

Rhys raising the bar

9:23am  Jan 10, 2018

INC Pre-Season Camp: Day 7 Wrap

7:13pm  Dec 22, 2017

INC Pre-Season Camp: Day 6 Wrap

7:38am  Dec 22, 2017

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