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Gallery: Week 11

Another week of pre-season, another photo gallery - see how the boys are going!

9:05am  Jan 19, 2017

AFLW Gallery: Pre-Season

Less than three weeks until the AFL Women's season kicks off - here are some of the best photos from training.

7:15am  Jan 19, 2017

Rockliff, a pre-season standout

CHRIS Fagan has mounted a spirited defence of Tom Rockliff, saying the controversial midfielder had been a pre-season standout.

3:54pm  Jan 17, 2017

Lions TV

Redden Looks To Kick On

Lions midfielder Jack Redden speaks to Lions TV at pre-season training.

January 15, 2013  2:41 PM

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12:45pm Jan 19, 2017

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2:47pm Jan 17, 2017

Jansen playing on instinct

3:23pm Jan 16, 2017

Feels like home

7:04pm Jan 13, 2017

Goodman is good to go

5:29pm Jan 13, 2017

Catching up with Keays and Dawso

2:31pm Jan 13, 2017

Archie's holiday injury

2:10pm Jan 13, 2017

Shannon's big return

4:00pm Jan 11, 2017

Honoured to be Captain

11:45am Jan 11, 2017

Lions pumping iron

1:02pm Jan 10, 2017

Zielke brought to tears

7:59pm Jan 5, 2017

Pre-season update: Lions

5:29pm Dec 29, 2016

Starcevich wraps training so far

5:16pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Dayne Beams

2:29pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Tom Bell

2:22pm Dec 21, 2016

Mr and Mrs Fagan

2:14pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Stef Martin

12:24pm Dec 21, 2016

Stanton's successful start

2:03pm Dec 20, 2016

INC Pre-season Camp Wrap

5:49pm Dec 19, 2016

Lions Open Training

4:07pm Dec 19, 2016