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Bulldog reflects on finals misfortune

He played 333 games, but never won a premiership. Kevin 'Bulldog' Murray reflects.

1:11pm  Sep 27, 2016

Sabrina's kicking goals

BRISBANE Lions marquee player Sabrina Frederick-Traub is kicking goals off the field well before the AFL Women's season is set to begin.

9:42am  Sep 27, 2016

Gallery: Lions at the Brownlow

Have a look at some of the pics of Lions at the Brownlow Medal event last night.

9:25am  Sep 27, 2016

Lions TV

Black Injury Update

Simon Black is ready to resume running at full speed for the first time since undergoing going minor surgery on his knee late last year.

January 30, 2013  10:34 AM

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