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AFLW Gallery: Pre-Season

Less than three weeks until the AFL Women's season kicks off - here are some of the best photos from training.

6:15pm  Jan 17, 2017

Rockliff, a pre-season standout

CHRIS Fagan has mounted a spirited defence of Tom Rockliff, saying the controversial midfielder had been a pre-season standout.

3:54pm  Jan 17, 2017

Lions partner with Majestic Athletic

The Brisbane Lions is excited to announce a new partnership with world-class sports brand, Majestic Athletic, which will run through to the 2020 season.

12:43pm  Jan 17, 2017

Lions TV

Black Injury Update

Simon Black is ready to resume running at full speed for the first time since undergoing going minor surgery on his knee late last year.

January 30, 2013  10:34 AM

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11:45am Jan 11, 2017

Lions pumping iron

1:02pm Jan 10, 2017

Zielke brought to tears

7:59pm Jan 5, 2017

Pre-season update: Lions

5:29pm Dec 29, 2016

Starcevich wraps training so far

5:16pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Dayne Beams

2:29pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Tom Bell

2:22pm Dec 21, 2016

Mr and Mrs Fagan

2:14pm Dec 21, 2016

Best of Locker Talk: Stef Martin

12:24pm Dec 21, 2016

Stanton's successful start

2:03pm Dec 20, 2016

INC Pre-season Camp Wrap

5:49pm Dec 19, 2016

Lions Open Training

4:07pm Dec 19, 2016