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Pick swaps could extend Trade Period

Live pick haggling could see the Trade Period run until draft day.

4:43pm  Oct 23, 2017

Lions launch breakfast program

The Lions will provide funding for all Watson Road State School Students to receive a nutritious breakfast three mornings a week.

4:15pm  Oct 23, 2017

Rookie ready to ace the AFLW World

Great Scott hoping to make her mark in a second sport

2:34pm  Oct 23, 2017

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Marco Paparone Speaks to the Press

Marco Paparone speaks to the press about the recent win against Carlton, the upcoming few weeks and how Leppa is guiding him through his second season with the Lions.

June 2, 2014  4:30 PM

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7:28pm Oct 19, 2017

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12:51pm Oct 19, 2017

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12:57pm Oct 18, 2017

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12:56pm Oct 18, 2017

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12:42pm Oct 18, 2017

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12:29pm Oct 18, 2017

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12:19pm Oct 18, 2017

AFLW Draftee: Jordan Zanchetta

11:25am Oct 18, 2017

Noble on Trade Radio

12:55pm Oct 17, 2017

Player Review: Taylor

12:48pm Oct 16, 2017

Inspiring a Generation

9:49am Oct 16, 2017

The Lionhearted: Season Part 1

4:55pm Oct 13, 2017

Trade Update

1:44pm Oct 13, 2017