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New recruits reflect

The Lions' eight new recruits reflect on their first couple of weeks at the Club.

3:31pm  Dec 12, 2017

8 with Kate: Week 1

Enter the first week of 8 with Kate.

5:00pm  Dec 11, 2017

Hodge to make Tassie return

Luke Hodge will join Lions on Launceston training camp this Friday.

11:04am  Dec 11, 2017

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Best of Locker Talk: Tom Bell

In his first year as a Locker Talk host Tom Bell stepped up to the challenge and made us laugh week after week. See some of the best moments from his episodes and let us know what you want to see him talk about next year.

December 21, 2016  2:22 PM

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Recruits meet fans

2:54pm Dec 12, 2017

Father-Son: James Rendell

11:51am Dec 12, 2017

Historical Society Museum

2:16pm Dec 11, 2017

ICON Group 8 with Kate: Week 1

1:23pm Dec 11, 2017

Father-Son: Casey Voss

10:52am Dec 11, 2017

ICON Group 8 with Kate

12:51pm Dec 8, 2017

Leon Harris on Father-Sons

11:42am Dec 8, 2017

Christmas at the Lions Shop

10:21am Dec 7, 2017

Lions support Big Issue

5:05pm Dec 6, 2017

Wuetschner discusses pre-season

10:32am Dec 5, 2017

Skinner's first run back

1:48pm Dec 4, 2017

Starcevich Arrives in Brisbane

3:08pm Dec 1, 2017

2018 Majestic on-field range

11:41am Dec 1, 2017

INC Pre-Season: 3km time trial

4:06pm Nov 30, 2017

Bailey arrives in Brisbane

12:58pm Nov 30, 2017

Toby arrives in Brisbane

11:19am Nov 29, 2017

Rayner: It's been a whirlwind

11:14am Nov 29, 2017

Ballenden's Reaction

11:40am Nov 28, 2017