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Premiership Pride


Premiership Pride: 2002

Lynch, White and Lappin relive the relentless 2002 Grand Final.

3:30pm Oct 3, 2018

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Premiership Pride: White

The 2003 Grand Final remains the clearest in Darryl White's memory.

3:53pm Sep 27, 2018

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Premiership Pride: Alastair Lynch

Alastair Lynch will forever hold the 2001 premiership close to his heart.

3:03pm Sep 25, 2018


Premiership Pride: Tim Notting

Tim Notting recalls one special day in September.

4:00pm Sep 19, 2018


Premiership Pride: Nigel Lappin

Nigel Lappin will go down in history as one of the toughest players to pull on the Lions guernsey.

4:30pm Sep 13, 2018


Premiership Pride: Simon Black

Black says the fourth quarter of their 2002 Grand Final against Collingwood was the most memorable moment of his career.

1:27pm Sep 26, 2017


Premiership Pride: Jamie Charman

Former Brisbane Lions player Jamie Charman had waited two long years to run on in an AFL Grand Final until he finally had his chance in 2003.

3:56pm Sep 22, 2017


Premiership Pride: Chris Johnson

Chris Johnson revealed his favourite memory during the Lions era of dominance.

12:09pm Sep 20, 2017


Premiership Pride: 2001 Grand Final

Our past legends relive the 2001 grand final.

11:46am Sep 18, 2017


Premiership Pride: Chris Scott

It took a while for Brisbane Lions great Chris Scott to appreciate that he had in fact won a premiership in 2001.

4:52pm Sep 15, 2017


Premiership Pride: Luke Power

Premiership winning midfielder Luke Power says the players were more than teammates; they were family.

1:32pm Sep 13, 2017


Premiership Pride: Marcus Ashcroft

In his maiden AFL Grand Final, Lions veteran Marcus Ashcroft’s first kick for the afternoon was a goal.

4:05pm Sep 11, 2017