Lions Footy Frenzy

Brisbane Lions Footy Frenzy is the primary promotional program delivered by AFL Queensland Development Staff. Lions Footy Frenzy engages primary schools across the Lions Zone to teach students basic skills including kicking, marking and handballing along with playing modified games to encourage students to play within their school team or their Junior Community Club.  

Each year, Footy Frenzy is rolled out by AFL Queensland staff to around 50,000 students from Brisbane to Bundaberg and out to Toowoomba and the Darling Downs, engaging students from Prep -  Year 6 along with teachers who are pivotal to promoting the game at a grassroots level. 

Q Schools Cup

The Brisbane Lions are proud to partner with AFL Queensland to continue our support of the AFLQ Schools Cup. In 2019, almost 12,000 students represented 620 teams from 245 schools to make up the Q Schools cup competition across the state.


Targeted at young women aged 13 - 18, Inspire aims to promote healthy lifestyles, develop leadership skills, and increase body awareness and confidence whilst using AFLW as the vehicle to do so.

Everyone Matters

Everyone Matters is an innovative program designed by teachers, for teachers and caters to primary school students in Grade 4. With culture and family being such an important to a child’s sense of identity, belonging and success, through the program, students learn about diversity, empathy and respect.