The Game on for Women initiative is supporting sporting clubs to be inclusive of women and nurturing women to become leaders in sport on and off the field.

Across Logan, many sports clubs support women achieving leadership positions. There is still a lot of work to do to close the gender gap.

This program is a new and exciting opportunity for 20 Logan based sporting community clubs to be a part of the Inclusive Clubs program. Clubs can join the inclusive clubs’ journey and we will support them to complete and deliver Inclusive Participation Plans.

What will you get?

  • Ongoing support to complete your Inclusive participation plans

  • 2 women from your club are invited to attend a full day Leadership Masterclass in November – valued at $400 each woman attending.

  • Access a grant to support coaching and officiating training for women in your club –value up to $1,500 per club
  • Attend 3 Network Events (October, February and May)

Who can apply?

  • Your club must be a not for profit incorporated organisation, based within the Logan

  • Your club has no outstanding Office of Fair Trading requirements

  • Your club must have no outstanding debt to Logan City Council

  • Sports that are listed on Sports Australia’s, sports directory will only be considered

  • How is the decision made?

Council will assess:

  • Demonstrated commitment and motivation that your club will complete the Inclusive Participation Plan by June 2022.

  • Club ability to attend the workshops and networking events on offer. Your club must nominate 2 women representatives* to attend the Leadership Masterclass and the Networking Events (does not have to be the same representatives*)

  • Provide a quote from an accredited provider for the coaches and officiating grant o Coaching and officiating must be accredited provider.

Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will be notified and will be required to attend the first workshop event in October. Here you will be provided with the templates, resources, and key dates for incentives to be provided.

How do I apply?

Complete the online application form at Who can I ask for further information?

For enquiries relating to Game on for Women Inclusive Clubs Program call the Sport and Recreation Planning Project Officer on (07) 3412 5273 or email

To find out more about Council’s Game on for Women program, click HERE


All recipients are required to submit a project report within 30 days of completing your club’s inclusive participation plan.

Applicants will be required to provide all receipts of funding incentives provided and a short report on the outcomes.

If the funding incentives provided to your club through the support of the Game on for Women – Inclusive Clubs program has not been used for the approved purpose the club will be required to pay the unspent amount back to Council.