Fresh off the back of one of the best draft interviews in recent memory, it hasn't taken Darcy Wilmot long to win the hearts of Lions faithful.

The 17-year-old became an internet sensation last week after his hilarious reaction to being drafted. 

Speaking on the Roar Deal, Wilmot said he spent hours filtering through new followers, messages and calls.

“I think I was number one trending on Twitter after that interview and I ended up having Pepsi Max send me a slab," Wilmot said. 

“I hate seeing notifications on my phone so I spent a while getting back to everyone.

But it was good, it makes you happy getting round to everyone! But the first night it took me 3 hours to get to everyone and the next day was the same.”

In a relatively unknown act the following night, Wilmot and fellow draftee Kai Lohmann attended a Victorian fan function, spending hours interacting with loyal members and club alumni as they watched the Lions select WA product, James Tunstill with Pick 41. 

Applauded for his generosity and respect at such a young age, the half-back said it came naturally as a result of his fathers influence. 

“It just made sense to go around and shake everyone's hand. People were coming out to see us at the function, and they’re huge supporters. It’s a nice gesture and I was raised that way.

“It started with my Dad, Grant Wilmot – he played some games for Collingwood and he had huge respect for a lot of people.

We’d see anyone and everyone and Dad raised me to shake their hand and look them in the eye. So meeting new people, you get used to it and it just shows respect and it’s all from Dad.”

Sadly, Grant Wilmot passed away five years ago, but when asked about how he coped losing his father, Darcy was all class.

“Obviously losing Dad was bloody tough. But the one thing it’s helped me with is viewing things differently and in a positive aspect.”

“Moving to Brisbane is a great example. For me it’s not about losing my family, it’s about a new opportunity and looking forward to the journey.

“Making an AFL list is your dream and to have it as a career now it’s amazing. Brisbane’s a great spot and a great team and it’s not like you’re not going to see your family ever again.

So that pain makes you think differently about a lot of things, and it’s made me mentally a lot stronger.”

As the youngest player in the 2021 draft, Wilmot already shows plenty of maturity and character, but said there was one advantage of having a late December birthday.

“Having a New Years Eve birthday is pretty good!

You get fireworks and that sort of stuff! But you always have a countdown to the end of your birthday which is pretty depressing.”

Wilmot is expected to arrive with new teammate, Kai Lohmann after Christmas once borders to Victoria open.