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Update from the Chairman

The Board met today and resolved to convene an EGM on Wednesday 13 November.

This meeting gives Members the opportunity to vote on the make-up of the Board and some other important matters. The management team is working as a matter of urgency to prepare the formal Notice of Meeting and will send this to Members as soon as possible to allow you time to read the papers and make an informed decision.

We know the Members will act in the best interests of the Club and we would encourage everyone to consider the resolutions and vote. Resolving the Board issues will allow all of us to focus our energies on building for the 2014 season.

Members may have seen a report in today’s media that your Board declined a compromise proposal from the AFL. It is important that I clarify the situation for Members.

The AFL has been in discussion with the Board and with the Williams/Power group to find an acceptable compromise. Some alternatives have been discussed to try and settle on a compromise that would be acceptable to all parties and in the best interests of the Club.

The Board did not believe that the latest proposal was acceptable or in the best interests of the Club. Therefore, a majority of the Board rejected the proposal and resolved to convene an EGM as requested by the Members.

The resolutions that will be put to Members include a proposed change to the Brisbane Lions guernsey and a constitutional amendment to give Life Members the same rights as Full Members to stand for election as Directors.

The Board has approved that resolutions will also be put to Members to consider the removal of each Director other than Bob Sharpless and Peter McGregor who are both expertise Directors. Directors that are subject to these resolutions will have the opportunity to provide Members with a written statement of up to 1,000 words to be included with the Notice of Meeting.

I also want to assure Members that in the period leading up to the EGM the Club will focus on business as usual and the key off-season decisions that need to be made.

We will continue to keep Members updated. Thank you for your continued support of the Brisbane Lions as we resolve these issues and look ahead to the 2014 season.

- Angus Johnson