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Fagan's INC Pre-Season Camp Wrap

INC Pre-season Camp Wrap Chris Fagan believes the Lions' pre-season trip to Tasmania has provided valuable, team building experiences.

Senior Coach Chris Fagan believes that the Lions' pre-season trip to Tasmania has provided valuable team-building experiences for the players and coaches.

The Lions returned from Launceston on Saturday, ending their seven day camp, armed with a new game plan and greater bonds.

While the game plan was introduced early on, much of the camp was a normal training week – the training block just shifted to more temperate weather.

Later in the week players were put through match simulation practice and the Lions were joined by two AFL umpires who took the players, including the Club’s newest recruits, through new rule interpretations.

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“We wanted to introduce the game plan to the team and be able to practice it in game like situations… (and) we wanted to further grow our leadership and culture standards,” Fagan told LionsTV.


Since Fagan’s appointment the Lions have introduced the Leading Teams concept into the Club as they develop new ideas around leadership heading into next season.

Fagan said a major focus of the camp was to develop the team's leadership and let the players drive the standards.

“Eating together, being together, driving around together, all those sorts of things just build that cohesion and trust that you’re looking for with a group of players.

“(But) we also wanted to have some fun together and a few laughs and I think that’s been achieved.”

The Lions will break for the Christmas period on Wednesday, returning in early January.

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