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Jed Adcock discusses the Brisbane Lions third quarter against Carlton

Coaches Wrap: Round 18 Forwards Coach, Jed Adcock wraps up the Lions round 18 win over the Carlton Blues.

For Brisbane Lions Forwards Coach Jed Adcock, Sunday’s 30-point victory over Carlton was the old cliché of “a game of two halves.”

“I think everyone was really happy the way we played the first half.  And the way we were eventually able to fight back for the second half of that last quarter as well was really impressive,” Adcock said.

The Lions had a nine goal lead over the Blues at the end of the first half, but Carlton retaliated to be within four goals leading into the final quarter.

The coaching staff were pleased the Lions came home with a 30 point victory, but were a little disappointed that Carlton were allowed back into the contest. 

“We touched on it after the game a little bit, what fell down, and did we go away from what we were doing really well.  Or was it just Carlton coming out and putting the pressure up and we took a bit of time to respond,” Adcock said.

Moving forward against West Coast this weekend in Perth, Adcock believes the Lions men will put this behind them.

“I’m sure the boys will remember what happened in that third quarter going into the next game.  And just making sure that we continue to do what we do for the four quarters,” Adcock said.

The Eagles are coming off the back of an eight point loss to Collingwood last round.

“Well you expect they’ll come out pretty hard after they didn’t quite finish the game they wanted to on the weekend.  They are a very hard team to play at Domain and have proved that for quite a number of years now,” Adcock said.

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