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Lions players get a lesson in weightlifting

Lions support lifter Damon Kelly Brisbane Lions players Rhys Mathieson and Matt Eagles get a few tips from Commonwealth Games lifter Damon Kelly.

Brisbane Lions players Rhys Mathieson and Matt Eagles met with and congratulated decorated weightlifter Damon Kelly today at the Lions gym on his selection for Australia at the upcoming Commonwealth Games.

Kelly, a Lions’ fans since the merger in 1996, was welcomed into the Den. 

“It’s good to have any support, but to have a huge Club like the Lions behind me, will help me get there,” Kelly said.

Kelly was given a tour of the gym and the opportunity was not wasted by the Lions players, as they asked Kelly for some pointers.

“Rhys has very good technique. A couple of tweaks here and there but pretty sound. He’s doing a great job,” Kelly said.

Mathieson was in awe of Kelly after watching some of his best lifts on YouTube prior to the meeting.

“He’s far bigger than me, I think he can snatch double my body weight. It’s pretty scary when you think about it.” Mathieson said.

“He gave me a few techniques and some tips, and I actually enjoy that type of lifting, so it was good to have him here.”

After the session, Mathieson and Eagles presented Kelly with a 2018 guernsey and wished him well on behalf of the entire Club for April’s Commonwealth Games.

Kelly has represented Australia at two Olympic Games and three Commonwealth games, including a gold medal at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in New Delhi.

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