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Bailey's speed valuable for AFLX

Bailey suited to AFLX LionsTV caught up with Zac Bailey to see how he was traveling leading up to AFLX and his first season.

Following the release of the AFLX Fixture yesterday, Zac Bailey caught up with LionsTV to chat about how he is travelling in the lead up to the round-robin competition.

As a speedy inside-midfielder, Bailey is well-suited to the fast-paced format of AFLX.

“The game-style sort of does suit players similar to me, with a bit of speed,” Bailey said.

The new and exciting format will be the perfect opportunity for players to showcase the most thrilling elements AFL offers while getting valuable match practice in.

The team has been practicing the game and learning it’s rules during recent weeks of pre-season training.

“It’s been really good, we’ve started getting into the game play of AFLX [at training],” Bailey said.

“It’s tough and there’s only seven of you [on field].”

Having only trained with the Lions for a few months now, Bailey says he has started to notice a big difference in both his fitness and intensity.

“I’ve seen a bit of progression with how heavy I’ve been lifting,” he said.

“It’s rewarding. I haven’t seen results like this [before] because I haven’t really done a pre-season, but it has been really rewarding.”

Last week, Bailey and the other new Lions draftees travelled to Melbourne for a two-day induction camp led by the AFL Players Association and the AFL.

The camp gave players the chance to learn about the services and support that is available to them during their careers.

“It was really good. They were longs days but the information they were giving us was really important for our future,” he said.

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