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The Roar Deal: Cutler and Hudson on AFLX

Recently named in the Brisbane Lions’ 14-man AFLX squad, Tom Cutler has likened the exciting new game to that of a highschool exam.

“It’s kind of like an exam.” Cutler said.

“We’ve had a little bit of study for it but we’re not really sure how it’s going to play out when the points are on the line and competitive juices come out.”

Cutler joined The Roar Deal podcast alongside hosts Dom Fay and Michael Whiting to discuss the weekend’s round-robin tournament which awaits in Sydney.

Cutler was the first to admit the AFLX was like no other.

“It’s much more physically demanding," he said.

“Obviously in a game [of AFL], where you get your rest is when goals are kicked and taken back to centre square, or when there are stoppages.”

“In AFLX, there is really none of those two things.” 

Lions AFLX Coach Ben Hudson also joined the podcast, highlighting the fact that there’s no hiding the fast-paced, relentless efforts that will be required from the Lions' squad on Saturday.

“AFLX will be like watching a Foxtel game on fast-forward,” Hudson said.

“It’s such a quick transition game, there’s no hiding.”

Hudson believes the game is more suited to play-makers, high-speed runners and players with a penetrating boot.

Veteran Daniel Rich is set to headline the squad and his super boot outside the 40-metre is expected to secure a number of 10-point goals. 

“The ten-point goal is huge for those guys [Rich] that can defy that little bit of space,” Hudson said.

“It only takes one of the seven defenders to drop-off and you can hit a kick 40 to 50 metres out.”


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