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TBT: Fitzroy's victory and Bernie's 100th

TBT: Lions v Collingwood 1983 This weeks TBT takes us back to 1983 v Collingwood, when Bernie Quinlan kicked his 100th goal of the season.

Bernie 'Superboot' Quinlan will go down as one of the game's best ever goalkickers and remembered fondly for his unbelievable achievement in Round 21, 1983.

A crowd of over 24,000 gathered to watch the Fitzroy Lions take on the Collingwood Magpies at Junction Oval. 

The Lions were in finals contention and a win over the Magpies was the confidence boost the team needed.

Quinlan was superb for the Lions. 

Despite turning 32 years of age that season, his form was unstoppable - strong marks, quick leads and deadly accurate even from long distances. 

For Fitzroy fans and teammates alike, one moment will never be forgotten - Quinlan's 100th goal of that season.

A long drop punt was sent soaring through the posts and the crowd swamped the field to celebrate with the Fitzroy star. 

Quinlan became the first Fitzroy player to kick 100 goals in a season. 

In fact, he kicked 116 (plus 70 behinds) in 1983 - a record that will stand forever in history.

Following the match, Quinlan told a reporter in Fitzroy's change-room that his 100th was like nothing he had experienced.

"I've never experienced anything like it. It was fantastic, a great feeling," Quinlan said.

The Lions left Junction Oval with a 19.13.127 to 7.21.63 victory over the Magpies.

A sweet triumph that guaranteed them second place on the ladder.

The Fitzroy Lions of 1983 - B. Quinlan far right of the second back row.


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