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Lions in the Community Give-A-Thon

Lions in the Community Give-A-Thon The Lions will launch the Club's first Lions in the Community 'Give-A-Thon,' next Tuesday 26th June, aiming to raise $100,000 for community-based projects in 24 hours.

The Brisbane Lions will launch the Club’s first Lions in the Community ‘Give-A-Thon,’ next Tuesday 26th June, aiming to raise $100,000 for community-based projects in 24 hours.

The Club is committed to engaging with the Queensland and Victorian community but need financial support in this under-resourced area. 

The $100,000 target will help maintain and build upon the Lions existing community programs.

This includes ‘Lions in Your Club’, where the Lions work closely with grassroot players, coaches and volunteers across our region to actively give back and support Clubs to be sustainable. It is estimated this program alone impacts 30,000 kids, coaches, volunteers and parents each year. 

The Club also works with the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health and their Deadly Choices programs to promote healthy lifestyles for indigenous youth.

Multicultural Development Australia (MDA) is another organisation the Lions works with closely, supporting multicultural communities through education and healthy eating programs.

Players and Lions staff have visited schools across the region, with the aim of inspiring the next generation. 

Lions CEO Greg Swann said support of the Lions ‘Give-A-Thon’ is integral to the Club’s long-term growth impact in the Queensland community.

“We are proud of the community programs which we offer but know we can take them to greater heights,” Swann said.

“We want to invest in our great game more at a grassroots level but need the financial backing.

“We hope our Members and supporters recognise the work we do in the community and want to be part of the growth.”

As the Club reaches money milestones during next Tuesday’s Give-A-Thon, vulnerable AFL Clubs in Queensland will receive prizes from the Lions. 

The 24-hour campaign will open at 8am, with donations taken at All proceeds from the Give-A-Thon will go towards the Lions community programs. Through the Club’s fundraising partnership with the Australian Sports Foundation, donations of $2 or more are tax deductible.

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