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NEAFL team and live-stream: Round 14

NEAFL Round 14
Southport Sharks v Brisbane Lions
Fankhauser Reserve, Southport, 12.00 pm
Saturday, July 7

Watch the live-stream of the match below: 

Head to Lions NEAFL Twitter account for score updates and player stats throughout the match. 

The son of Brisbane Lions legend Michael Voss, Casey, has been named to make his debut for the Lions' NEAFL team tomorrow in a crunch match with the Southport Sharks. 

The 18-year-old has graduated from Sturt's under-18 team to its SANFL reserves outfit in the past month and has been granted permission to train with the Lions for two weeks and play in the NEAFL. 

Southport have improved dramatically this season and currently sit on top of the ladder, while the Lions are trying desperately to arrest a five-match losing streak. 

Tom Bell returns from injury for Round 14. While Jacob Allison returns to NEAFL after travelling as emergency for the Seniors last Sunday. 


B #42 - Mitch Hinge
#45 - Jack Frost #21 - Sam Skinner
HB #20 - Cedric Cox #24 - Liam Dawson #19 - Jacob Allison
C  #32 - Sam Mayes #17 - Claye Beams #8 - Rohan Bewick
HF #55 - Ben Sloan #34 - Toby Wooller #4 - Ryan Bastinac
F #8 - Tom Bell #38 - Connor Ballenden #39 - Corey Lyons
FOL #44 - Archie Smith #33 - Zac Bailey #37 - Brandon Starcevich
INT FROM #48 - Jack Tomkinson
#50 - Jai Kennealy #52 - Casey Voss
   #56 - Cody Stackelberg
EMER Justin Currie  Ethan Hunt

In: Tom Bell, Jacob Allison, Casey Voss.
Out: Ben Keays (AFL), Caleb Franks (Omitted), Bill Johnson (Omitted), Toara Marango (Omitted). 

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