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Who's our king of the kick-in?

Who is the Club's kick-in specialist? Which players is entrusted with the responsibility of restarting play after an opposition behind? Where do they direct their kicks? And how many kick-ins lead to a score at the other end?

AFL Media take a look at the numbers:

Kick-in specialist
Alex Witherden (126 out of 248, 50.8 per cent)

Who else takes them? 
Daniel Rich (51)
Luke Hodge (42)
Tom Cutler (8)
Total: 12 players

Do they play on? 
72 out of 248 (29 per cent)

Who plays on the most? 
Alex Witherden (52)

Most kick-in marks: 
Alex Witherden (14)

Where do they go?
Left (85), corridor (58), right (105)
Long effective (63), short effective (99)

Rushed behinds:
57 (first)

Scoring opportunities: 
Inside 50s (44)
Scores (11.6)

No surprise the two best kicks in the club – Alex Witherden and Daniel Rich – along with the calmest head, Luke Hodge, are taking the bulk of the responsibility.

The Lions are happy with any of these three starting their chain.

Witherden has become a little more circumspect in his decision-making, going to the flanks 80 per cent of the time rather than pulling the ball back across his body like he did so much in his first season. 

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