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The Roar Deal Episode 41: Chris Fagan

Senior Coach Chris Fagan joined the Roar Deal this week with hosts Dom Fay and Michael Whiting to review the season that was! Listen below:

Fagan's talking points include:

  • His last appearance on the Roar Deal (@9.40)
  • What he would like added to the Lions' list during the Trade and Draft period (@11.20)
  • Looking for a superstar player v developing your own (@13.40)
  • His breakfast with Whiting on Saturday morning (@15.30)
  • Positioning Brisbane as a destination Club (@16.40)
  • Dayne Beams' decision to commit to the Lions (@18.30)
  • Dayne Zorko's role this year since taking over the captaincy and his Merrett-Murray Medal victory (@22.30)
  • The ruck situation at the Lions and Oscar McInerney's performances this year (@28.50)
  • Sam Mayes' season and the consistency in the Lions' backline (@32.30)
  • Having a running player in the backline, like Zac Bailey or Cedric Cox (@35.00)
  • What the focus might be on this pre-season (@38.00)
  • Where the pre-season camp will be this year (@41.10)
  • What the best win was this season (@43.00)
  • Who the teacher's pet was this year (@44.05)
  • His game-day routine (@46.40)
  • His relationship with Leigh Matthews (@48.25)
  • Becoming relevant in Brisbane again (@51.30)
  • What the next few weeks look like for him (@52.55)
  • How his wife deals with his job (@56.30)
  • Handling pressure in 2019 (@58.50)

Fay and Whiting will enjoy a well-deserved break for the next few weeks, with the next Roar Deal episode scheduled for early October. 


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