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Our 2018 draft wish list

Xavier Duursma completes a goal kicking test during the AFL Draft Combine. - Brisbane Lions
Xavier Duursma completes a goal kicking test during the AFL Draft Combine.

Draft selections: 18, 30, 35, 56, 78

Backs: Plenty of quality in the key posts (Harris Andrews, Darcy Gardiner, Marcus Adams, Josh Walker) and also well-served for creative ball-users and intercept markers. Lacking leg speed though that would create a nice point of difference.

Midfield: The off-season addition of Lachie Neale and Jarryd Lyons nicely covered the exit of Dayne Beams. A good mix of inside and outside players with strength, speed and agility. Still a couple of players short of having the depth necessary to compete with the best teams.

Forwards: Eric Hipwood and Dan McStay developed nicely last season and appear long-term key targets. The Lions are blessed with multiple medium-small forwards that can kick goals but might like to add a hard-running third tall to complement their mix.

Rucks: Well-stocked here with Stefan Martin still going strong. He's 32 and out-of-contract, but if/when it's time for him to move on, Oscar McInerney and Archie Smith have both shown they're good enough to be his successor.

The priority: Midfielders are still the priority. Brisbane has an exciting blend in the middle of the ground but still needs more depth. A zippy half-back that can run-and-carry would also be high on the wish list.

Dream draft: A big-bodied midfielder such as Jackson Hately or Luke Valente might appeal, while Xavier Duursma, as a midfielder who can play across half-back, is also a chance at the Lions' first pick. They could also look at big-bodied midfielder Ely Smith with one of their following selections, the same for Xavier O'Halloran. - Cal Twomey

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