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AFL Gallery: December 5

See all the action shots from yesterday's training session!

Cam Rayner and Hugh McCluggage tussle. 

Jarryd Lyons. 

Ely Smith. 

Casey Voss is training with the team for the next two weeks.  

Connor Ballenden. 

Charlie Cameron. 

Oscar McInerney. 

Lincoln McCarthy and Ryan Bastinac. 

Sam Skinner. 

Allen Christensen. 

Archie Smith. 

Mitch Hinge and Noah Answerth share a laugh. 

Zac Bailey. 

Charlie Cameron. 

Cedric Cox and Lachie Neale. 

Stef Martin. 

Cam Rayner sucking in the big ones. 

Ryan Lester a bit worse off after a collison with Neale. 

Fagan inspects Neale. 

Dayne Zorko.

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