Two days after walking off the Gabba a devastated young man, Cam Rayner led Brisbane's team meeting to revisit his late miss against North Melbourne.

Rayner missed a relatively simple set shot from 25m out in the dying seconds that would have snatched the Lions an unlikely victory, but his rushed around-the-corner attempt sailed to the right.   

At a team meeting on Monday, Rayner fronted the playing group to go over his misfire.   

"He did a terrific job yesterday," coach Chris Fagan said on Tuesday morning.   

"He mostly ran that session with the players and talked about what he learned from the situation so that if he or anyone else finds themselves in that place again, they know what to do.   

"We talked about that scenario, and it was not so much about the kick he did, it was about running the clock down a bit more so that if he did kick the goal there wasn't long left in the game."   

After kicking an identical goal against Geelong the previous week, Rayner's choice of kicks was fine, Fagan said.   

"He just got the technique wrong. He just caught the ball a bit too fat.   

"I understand what went through his head. He was under a lot of pressure, he'll learn from it, as will all of us.   

"You could see after the game he was genuinely upset.   

"He knew straight away perhaps he didn't handle the situation as well as he could have, but that's OK, as long as he learns from it and doesn’t make the same mistake again."   

Fagan said he was happy with Brisbane's leadership during the frantic final moments, saying Dayne Zorko had got to Rayner before his attempt at goal.