Brisbane Lions vice-captain Harris Andrews felt the frustrations of wasted opportunities in front of goal in Saturday night’s Qualifying Final, but still found upside in a game plan and strategy that saw some success against a red-hot Richmond

Speaking to The Roar Deal, Andrews highlighted the fact that it was important to convert opportunities when they presented themselves.

“I think it’s obviously a little bit frustrating, we felt that particular in the first half we were able to put ourselves in good positions to be able to kick goals, and we weren’t able to.”

“A really good and experienced team like Richmond are able to punish you when you don’t capitalise on your opportunities.”

Heading into a do-or-die clash this weekend, the players and coaching staff had to review quickly before moving on to their next opponent.

“For us, we’ve reviewed the game, we’ve already moved onto GWS this week and no doubt we’re going to take some really good learnings from the weekend’s game into this weekend.”

“He (Fagan) really emphasised that we had gone in with a plan, and were able to win a lot of key stats on the day.

“The fact that we were able to execute that plan and not get the result on the scoreboard was frustrating for everyone, but the fact that we were able to execute it was a really good sign for us as a group.

“It was really important to make sure we didn’t get too flat about the end result, we’re lucky enough to have worked hard enough all year to get a second chance.“