Co-host Dom Fay is back from a brief sojourn to New Zealand for the latest episode of the Roar Deal, with guests Ryan Lester and Tom Fullarton joining him and Michael Whiting for episode 35.

Understandably, Fay was ecstatic to hear the news that while overseas his favourite player, Zac Bailey, had extended his contract with the Lions.

“I thought Keaysy did a pretty good job filling in. There wasn't enough Zac Bailey love from Keaysy though for mine,” Fay said. 

“I was over in Taupo celebrating the news Bailey had extended.”

After Fay and Whiting analysed the great win over Hawthorn, Lester (@24.51) was the first guest to stop by. 

As it was for most of the team, Saturday’s match was arguably Lester’s best performance of the season and he said the win was one of the most memorable from his time at the Lions.

“It would have to be top three or four,” Lester said.

“Just because we had two good weeks against Carlton and Fremantle, but there are arguments that they are potentially weaker oppositions. 

“To show ourselves against a good opposition who are really hungry trying to make finals, in a hostile environment, it was really nice.” 

When pressed on what’s changed over the last few weeks compared to earlier in the season, Lester echoed comments Chris Fagan has made this week.

“The maturity of our team has improved – our young guys are playing more consistently for longer,” Lester said.

“Guys like Eric, Hugh and Cam, they are genuinely key parts of our side and they are able to play for four quarters.

“Every contest they put in is to a high standard. They’ve come along very quickly.”

Fay and Whiting believe the vibe around the Club is as good as it’s been for a while and Lester was very quick to agree.

“I feel like it’s the most exciting time since I’ve been at the Club,” Lester said.

“Obviously it’s been lean times, but it’s been building the last couple of years.

“It feels like we’ve clicked over a little bit…by no means are we there yet. It feels like we are making big ground.”

In his time on the Roar Deal, Lester also talked about the upcoming match against Adelaide, Fagan’s influence on the Club and how he dealt with being demoted to the NEAFL side earlier in the year.

New recruit Fullarton (@50.01) also stopped by for his first appearance on the Roar Deal. 

Previously a Brisbane Bullets player, Fullarton has loved his time at the Lions since joining as a Category B Rookie in late May. 

“It’s a really good environment to be in - a great culture. There are so many really good blokes here and it’s great seeing them have success on the field recently,” Fullarton said.

“I was really keen to get out on the field and I was glad I could last week.” 

Before making his debut last weekend in the NEAFL, Fullarton hadn’t played an AFL game since 2014.

He showed no signs of rust however, playing in the forward line, kicking a goal with his first touch of the game.

“I didn’t really have too many expectations going into the game, so I didn’t know how it was going to pan out,” Fullarton.

“Sitting down with the coaches after the game and reviewing the footage…I was pretty happy with how I went.

Fullarton’s debut was a success, with the Lions defeating Sydney University by 11 points.

Thankfully for the former Lions Academy member, he didn’t have any problems remembering the words for his first rendition of the team song.

“I’ve known the words since I was four or five. I used to have a little teddy bear that sung the song for me.”