This week's Roar Deal episode is very different to most. 

With host Dom Fay away on holidays, Lions player Ben Keays stepped up to the take the reins alongside host Michael Whiting. 

Away from football, Keays holds an interest in the world of media and this week he was put to the test. 

"You've always got to have something you're interested away from football and I guess media and commentating has sort of been my interest," Keays said.

Whiting threw Keays straight in the deep end with a jam-packed episode featuring three special guests - Women's player Jess Wuetschner and Men's players Rhys Mathieson and Sam Skinner. 

Mathieson gave plenty of scoop on the Roar Deal's fill-in host and former housemate, explaining that Keays' diet wasn't always in the top form that it is today.

"There was a period in time when Ben and I loved to drink Pepsi Max." Mathieson said.

Keays was quick to admit and even justify the activity, explaining that when they were both new to the Club, they weren't quite as conscious of their diet as they are today. 

"When we did live together, we were both pretty hard workers... we would go to the gym to put in the extras but from a diet perspective, thinking Pepsi Mas was okay for me was a really bad mistake," Keays added.

During the Lions' pre-season camp in Tasmania earlier this year, both Mathieson and Keays told the Club dietician about their guilty pleasure for Pepsi Max. 

"I told her exactly what Rhys and I were drinking and she couldn't believe it. 

"She made us cut it out completely and I've reaped the benefits," Keays said.

While on the podcast, Mathieson also chatted about the friendship he built with Nick Robertson over the off-season.

Mathieson spent the majority of his time with Robertson, training alongside him to build fitness ahead of this year's pre-season. 

"The whole off-season, I don't think I left him for one day," Mathieson said.

Whiting mentioned that Mathieson's improvement in fitness was noticeable throughout the pre-season due to his extra training with Robertson. 

"I remember seeing you do a lot more running and even the game you have played for Seniors this year - It's been evident your running has improved," Whiting said.

Mathieson has not been the only player really enjoying his running out on the field in 2018. 

After three rehabilitations following ACL injuries, Sam Skinner has never been more excited to throw on the Lions guernsey and be running with the team again. 

On the podcast, Skinner discussed the mental battle that came with his rehabilitation process.

"Mentally it is such a tough time, but I've really learnt a lot from it and I'll be able to use that to help me with future challenges as well." Skinner said.

Skinner made his return to the Lions' NEAFL side in Round 12 against GWS Giants and his comeback story has players, coaching staff and fans amazed by the resilience the young man has.

Whiting and Keays discussed the respect his fellow teammates have for Skinner's work rate and positivity.

"Does it lift the team knowing this guy [Skinner] has gone through it harder than most of the team?" Whiting asked Keays.

"Absolutely. It gives us so much perspective. For me, I worry about stuff like why I am being dropped back to the NEAFL and things like that." Keays answered

"You look at a guy like Sam and how he presents himself; If he can be so positive and have such a great impact on our group, then it gives everyone else a perspective about the game we play," Keays said.

This weekend Skinner will play his fourth game since returning from rehab and he's loved every minute of being back out on the field.

"I've set a few goals, but I guess the main thing is enjoying it again."

"I've just been taking it week by week and making sure I'm having fun while doing it."

Also on this week's podcast, Wuetschner discussed the excitement amongst the Women's team of returning as a team for the Winter Series competition. 

This weekend the Lions AFLW side will play their third and final Winter Series clash. 

The team will be looking to make it three wins from three as they take on Gold Coast at Metricon Stadium.

"We're all just so happy to be back playing together again." Wuetschner said. 

"In our first game we played some really good footy considering we hadn't played together for quite a few months. The second game was a bit more challenging."

Wuetschner recently re-signed with the Club for her third season at the Brisbane Lions. Despite being highly sought after by other Clubs during the trade period, Wuetschner said there's no Club that she'd rather call home than the Lions. 

"For me, I've found in the last 18 months that I've been in Brisbane I've been able to make it home, 

"We just had two fantastic seasons and I thought, 'Why leave when we have so much more to give?'

"In the end, it was quite an easy decision [to re-sign]."

The Lions AFLW side will travel to Gold Coasts' home this Saturday for the final Winter Series clash at 4.40pm.

Wuetschner in action during Winter Series Game 2 against GWS.