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The 'My' feature series is an inside look at the players, coaches and staff who guide the Brisbane Lions forward to an exciting future. 

Find out about the backgrounds, passions and stories from inside the Den. 

AFL 2017 Training - Lions in Launceston

Rayner: My Life

Cam Rayner shares a look into what he gets up to away from footy.

1:04pm  Mar 22, 2019

My Club: Nicole Duncan

Nicole Duncan has literally seen everything at the Brisbane Lions.

10:35am  Mar 8, 2019

Eagles: 'Living my dream'

From NEAFL Premiers to AFL debut and a season ending injury - 18 months has been a rollercoaster for Eagles.

10:00am  Feb 16, 2019

Marcus and Hodgey's first meet

In 2007 at the AFL Grand Final, a shy 14-year-old kid from Perth got his photo with Luke Hodge.

10:00am  Jan 28, 2019

My Calling: Crowell

Andrew Crowell opens up about how he found his niche and the struggles he faced along the way.

2:00pm  Oct 9, 2018

My Culture: Christensen

Allen Christensen couldn't be more proud to be a part of the Club's first Reconciliation Action Plan.

9:07am  Aug 9, 2018

My Football Story

Dayne Zorko discusses his amazing journey to becoming the Lions' Captain.

2:00pm  Jul 25, 2018

My Road to 150 Games

Stef Martin rocked up to his first football game with a slurpee and a donut.

2:23pm  Jun 29, 2018

My Return to AFL

New recruit Tom Fullarton speaks about his return to AFL.

10:00am  Jun 29, 2018

Fitzroy through and through

Born and bred in Fitzroy, the Leydon family share their special Fitzroy story.

2:00pm  Jun 15, 2018

My Junior Footy: Harris Andrews

It was at the Aspley Hornets on Brisbane’s northside where Harris Andrews' aussie rules career began.

10:33am  May 14, 2018

My Anzac Story: Keays

When Ben Keays looks at his Lions guernsey it represents much more than meets the eye.

3:54pm  Apr 20, 2018

Road to Recovery: Skinner

Sam Skinners journey to AFL has not been easy but he is ready to make his mark in 2018.

2:24pm  Apr 9, 2018

My Inspiration: Britt Gibson

Before Britt Gibson runs out to play this evening, she will think of her biggest inspiration.

4:03pm  Mar 16, 2018

My Cause: Nat Exon

She's a skilful midfielder who's rocking an old-school mullet for a cause.

5:08pm  Mar 5, 2018

My Life: Jess Wuetschner

Wuetschner has earned a reputation of kicking unbelievable goals that leave all gobsmacked.

4:31pm  Feb 28, 2018

My Journey Back: Mitch Robinson

Mitch Robinson describes his journey back from a season-ending injury in 2017.

3:06pm  Feb 15, 2018

My Background: Dirk Spits

High Performance Coordinator Dirk Spits says his job entails much more than fitness training.

12:52pm  Jan 30, 2018

My Passion: Nick Robertson

Robbo sits down to talk about his passions and work ethic outside of football.

4:13pm  Jan 16, 2018

Eagles hitting his straps

Brisbane Lions defender Matt Eagles is often perceived as the everyday bloke’s hero.

11:17am  Dec 22, 2017