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Thanks to the Brisbane Lions Coaches Partner, The Coffee Club, you will receive a FREE* small hot beverage from participating stores across Brisbane and Melbourne when the Lions play a game in that city.

This offer is valid on match day or the day after, and only valid in Brisbane when Home Games are played, or in Melbourne when the Lions play at the MCG or Marvel Stadium.


Simply present your game day ticket or game access membership (including seasonal, 3-game and flexi memberships) to redeem for:

Round                               Game Day                                       Additional Bonus Brew Day

Round 1                             Saturday 23rd March                      Sunday 24th March

Round 3                             Saturday 6th April                           Sunday 7th April

Round 5                             Thursday 18th April                        Friday 19th April

Round 7                             Saturday 4th May                           Sunday 5th May

Round 9                             Saturday 18th May                         Sunday 19th May

Round 11                           Saturday 1st June                            Sunday 2nd June

Round 15                           Sunday 30th June                            Monday 1st July

Round 18                           Saturday 20th July                          Sunday 21st July

Round 20                           Sunday 4th August                          Monday 5th August

Round 21                           Saturday 10th August                     Sunday 11th August

Round 22                           Saturday 17th August                     Sunday 18th August

See list of participating Brisbane stores.


Simply present your Traditional Victorian or Victorian Plus membership card to redeem for:

Round                               Game Day                                       Additional Bonus Brew Day 

Round 2                             Sunday 31st March                         Monday 1st April

Round 4                             Saturday 13th April                         Sunday 14th April

Round 12                           Saturday 8th June                           Sunday 9th June

Round 14                           Saturday 22nd June                        Sunday 23rd June

Round 23                           TBC                                                   TBC

See list of participating Melbourne stores

*Terms and conditions apply for both Brisbane and Melbourne.