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Player movement

IN: Lincoln McCarthy, Lachie Neale, Marcus Adams 

OUT: Sam Mayes, Dayne Beams

Delisted: Tom Bell, Rohan Bewick, Marco Paparone, Claye Beams, Liam Dawson and Jake Barrett

Draft selections

Pick No. 21: Ely Smith

Pick No. 36: Thomas Berry

Pick No. 40: Thomas Joyce

Pick No. 42: Connor McFadyen 

Pick No. 55: Noah Answerth 


Hometown visits
Chris Fagan visits draftees Ely Smith, Thomas Berry, Noah Answerth and Tom Joyce and their families before they make the trip to Brisbane.
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How did our six players from the 2017 draft fare in their first year?

3:20pm  Dec 4, 2018

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What draft picks do the Lions hold next year?

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Tough start

The first full training session has given teenage duo Tom Berry and Tom Joyce a story to tell for years to come.

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What we learned

Take a look at the nine things we learned from the AFL Draft.

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History of brothers

The Lions will carry two sets of brothers on their playing list next year.

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Lyons' elite numbers

Numbers on a statistics sheet are not everything. But sometimes they are an undeniable guide to a good player.

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The Roar Deal

Only hours after the draft, an all-star cast joined the Roar Deal podcast.

2:27pm  Nov 26, 2018

Draftees pick jumper numbers

Our new draftees have picked their jumper numbers for 2019!

9:35am  Nov 26, 2018

Rookie draft

The Lions have re-selected Jacob Allison and Ryan Bastinac in the 2018 AFL Rookie Draft.

5:30pm  Nov 23, 2018

Lions select Answerth

The Lions have selected Noah Answerth with Pick No. 55 at the 2018 AFL Draft.

1:00pm  Nov 23, 2018

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