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Inside a Lions' backline meeting

Katie de Haer  May 24, 2017 3:27 PM

Working as a unit Murray Davis says our backline needs to work on improving as a unit.

Backline Coach Murray Davis’ main message to his defenders out of Saturday’s loss to Adelaide was to focus on working together as a ‘unit’.

Davis opened the doors to the team's backline meeting on Tuesday. Speaking to the group he emphasised:

“It’s about how we work together as a unit. I sort of felt, and I’m sure you picked up on my tone during the game, that we were doing stuff individually without working together as a unit,” Davis told his players.

“When you’re a backline group, that’s how you’ve got to operate – as a unit.”

The Lions’ most experienced defender against the Crows, Daniel Rich has played 152 games, with key defender Harris Andrews having 45 games experience.

“As a young, emerging backline group it’s really about how we work together.

“There are some experienced guys down there and there are also some still learning their craft,” said Davis.

“It’s all about leaning on each other to get ourselves through those situations.”

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