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Men's and Women's INC Pre-Season Training

A little bit of pre-training fun, Hodge and Squizzy try to throw each other off-balance.

Archie Smith finds an open teammate while Rohan Bewick hunts him down.

Some two on one with Eric Hipwood and Stef Martin up against Tom Cutler.

Oscar McInerney running strong.

Final sprints to put they boys through their paces.

Men's team done for the day. Time for the Women's team to take the field. 

Krystal Scott stretches with her new team.

Kaitlyn Ashmore and Kalinda Howarth working on their quick hands.

Kalinda Howarth.

Jessica Weutschner.

Jordan Zanchetta.

Megan Hunt.

Emma Pittman withstands a tackle from Shannon Campbell.

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