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Skinner's escape during rehab

Music's role in Skinners recovery Skinner talks to SEN Breakfast on how playing guitar has helped him in his recovery from an ACL reconstruction

Sam Skinner is on the mend after his third knee reconstruction and says music has played a role in his recovery. Not only is Skinner an aggressive defender, he is blessed with great pipes and a natural on the guitar.

He spoke to SEN Breakfast this morning on how it keeps his mind fresh while in the rehabilitation process.

“It’s something I’ve been able to do in rehab. It’s a good escape for me and I really enjoy it,” Skinner said.

“Sometimes when I come home from a day and I feel a bit flat, I just get on the guitar and it’s just a good release really.”


Skinner’s recovering well after his third knee construction, now back running at training sessions.

“I’ve been doing a lot of agility and strength work and starting to do a bit more jumping and high intensity running, so tracking well,” he said.

“I’ve probably got another six months in rehab I think. It just depends on how I go.

“It feels good at the moment and that’s probably what matters the most.”

Skinner returns with the full playing group today, for their first training session in 2018. He spent his holidays in Gippsland, Victoria where he is from.

The group were last together in Tasmania for their pre-season camp in late December.

“That was a chance for us to look at our game plan and identify our strengths and weaknesses and focus areas in season coming,” he said.

“I personally feel like we’re going in the right direction. We’ve got an emerging group of players, who really enjoy each other’s company.

“And are all looking to work hard and work hard for each other.”

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