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Why I'm playing on

It started with a couple of funny text messages.

5:18pm  Oct 19, 2017

Draftees welcomed to the den

AFLW Senior Coach Craig Starcevich proudly introduced 2017's draftees to the den and announced 2018’s sponsors

4:30pm  Oct 19, 2017

Lions get their man

Charlie Cameron was content to go back to Adelaide and play out the last year of his contract if that’s what he had to do.

4:19pm  Oct 19, 2017

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Player of the Round: Daniel Rich

Daniel Rich was voted player of the round for our final game of the year against North Melbourne.

August 29, 2017  11:06 AM

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12:24pm Oct 19, 2017

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AFLW Draftee: Jordan Zanchetta

11:25am Oct 18, 2017

Noble on Trade Radio

12:55pm Oct 17, 2017

Player Review: Taylor

12:48pm Oct 16, 2017

Inspiring a Generation

9:49am Oct 16, 2017

The Lionhearted: Season Part 1

4:55pm Oct 13, 2017

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10:43am Oct 13, 2017

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10:00am Oct 13, 2017

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9:55am Oct 12, 2017

Thanks Rocky

4:04pm Oct 11, 2017

Player Review: Lester

2:02pm Oct 11, 2017